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About Us
2024 Kendall County Bar Association Officers and Directors

Robert Kuehl, President
Katherine Cozzani, Vice President
Richard Warner, Secretary
Matt Williams, Treasurer

Margie Komes, Past President

Lisa Coffey, Director

Matt Grob, Director

Hope Nickel, Director

Tim Scott, Director

Jennifer Wirth, Director

Eric Weis, Director


Visit our list of valuable resources in Kendall County. We have links to recommended websites for you. 

Welcome to the Kendall County Bar Association



The Kendall County Bar Association provides services and opportunities for its attorney members, the judiciary, and the community. 

Our website is designed to provide quick access to legal links, a list of local lawyers, meetings/events, and a contact form to connect with us. 

Kendall County

Kendall County is located within the state of Illinois. Between 2000-2010, it was the fastest growing county in the nation.


Kendall County was formed in 1841 and was named after Amos Kendall, who was the United States Postmaster General in 1835.


The County has a total of 322 square miles. The County is divided into 9 townships. Kendall County is home to more than 114,000 people. 

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